About us

Longrich international is a multinational American/Chinese enterprise founded in 1986. The company has been in active operation for 33 years and have set up many research and development institutions around the world. Longrich has a variety of products, over 2000, ranging from health care products, cosmetics, real estate and logistics, furniture, and household equipment.
They are a manufacturing company based in china, with branches in over 90 countries across the world. With over 3 decades in manufacturing, Longrich is known for the production of patented products for top-notch companies. They have ISO and NAFDAC certification, hence their drive for quality and high selling energy, health and daily consumable products. Longrich has 8 world class institutes for research in USA, Japan, China, and France.
Longrich has a reputation for product quality, which is why they design and produce products under OEM (original Equipment Manufacturer) for top companies including Walmart, Marks and Spencer, Forbes, Tesco, Avon, Carrefour, Estee, GSK, Woolworths and so much more. They own the biggest and most advanced center for cosmetic and health care product design, development, manufacture, and sales in china, and a reach of over 180 countries across the globe. In 2014, Longrich was rated number 42 on the world’s top 100 MLM companies. They own 3% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of China, and a 5-star hotel. Company chairman, Zu Zhiwei is one of the top entrepreneurs of china.
By joining longrich and becoming a partner, you are provided with an alternative income stream, and full access to weekly bonuses and amazing global incentives. To join Longrich, you need a membership code. The membership code can be gotten by plugging into the business at any desired entry level, and the one you can afford. From here on, you generate points from your purchases. These points you generate then qualifies you to be a member, and a membership code is generated for you.
Longrich are top players who have been in the skin care manufacturing industry for over 25 years, before expanding into the noble Multi-level marketing industry. Instead of a simple MLM scheme, Longrich operates as an empowerment platform which powers entrepreneurship. They have eliminated all the drawbacks of network marketing such as buying and selling without results or profit, promise and fails, exploitation of individuals to sell products for years with nothing to show. They replaced these pitfalls with several incredible incentives and compensation.
Longrich is a futuristic business with several amazing benefits which can be enjoyed by everyone. This isn’t just network marketing, it is an innovative business idea, which can change your life for good and for the better.