Longrich Incentives and Compensation Plans

  • 🏠💲🕮🚙Longrich compensation plan has helped millions of people to realize their dreams. Bonuses and incentives are just the start of your Longrich business, you can reach the status you aim to accomplish in time. Longrich will provide you all resources you need and partner with you, giving you the full support on your way to success. Longrich direct sales business is one of the assets which can be handed down to your children, therefore bonus earned can be transferred to one’s heir who should also be registered as a Longrich distributor.
Longrich marketing plan operates on a powerful MLM scheme where the sales force is compensated for both the sales they generate individually and also for sales they generated from the activities of people they recruited into the plan. The recruited sales force is often referred to as your downline which equally provides multiple compensation levels. Longrich pays advanced powerful compensation of 5 bonuses and 3 incentives to her distributors which provides higher profitability, and thus eliminating the weaknesses and drawbacks of the traditional network marketing system, propelling Longrich distributors towards financial freedom.

  • Longrich offers several promos in the business including:

TRAVELS: the company organizes no less than 4 international all-expense paid trips yearly for qualifying partners. These trips are fun-filled and span across different countries.
CARS: Longrich Intl awards cars yearly. In 2015, she awarded over 500 cars marking her anniversary in china.
HOUSE: a house is awarded to star directors. This money is gotten from 1% of global company shares.

Longrich system incentive is as follows:

  • 1.      Platinum Incentive: for being a platinum VIP member, you are entitled to platinum incentives which qualify you to earn 1%of the global share of all VIPs based on your activity cycle. Positioning will determine your asset, income, and future.
  • 2.      Worldwide Incentive: this incentive is earned from diamond level 4 and above. The company shares 2.5% of its global monthly point value as follows
  • Diamond Level 4 – Level 5 = 1% travel
  • Diamond Level 6 = 1% travel, 1% car
  • Diamond Level 7 – 5SD = 1% travel, 1% car, 0.5% house
  • 3.      Star Director Incentive: this qualifies you to earn 1% of global company profits shares.
There is massive earning potential in this business, with only passion, drive, persistence, and action all that is needed in your inventory. The earning potential increases as you progress up the system, unlike other networks which begin to diminish. Your earnings grow as your team grows, which is why it is possible for a distributor who has been in the business for a few months to earn a huge sum of money, qualify for a car, trips and so much more. The compensation plans are superb and highly generous and can set you up for life, but you must put in work to achieve this. The best time tostart is now!