How to become A LongRich member in Nigeria

How to become A LongRich member in Nigeria
To join Longrich in Nigeria, you need to sign up with one of the available entry levels. Nigerian entry levels are:
  1. VIP MEMBERSHIP: To join this category, you need 1680PV (₦750,000). Partners in this category earn 1% of monthly global sales (sales and not profit) spanning from over 100 countries. They also earn 12% weekly bonuses from team activities.
  2. PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP: this requires 7200PV (₦320,000). They earn 12% weekly from team activities.
  3.  GOLD MEMBERSHIP:  requires 240PV (₦100,000). They earn 10% every week from team activities.
  4.  SILVER MEMBERSHIP: requires 120PV and pays members 8% every week from team activities.
  5.  FAST-TRACK PROMO PACK: ₦40,000 qualifies you to receive ₦8,000 instantly, every time you introduce someone new to the business. There is no limit to the number of referrals, and you earn ₦8,000 on each referral. This is not counted as part of your weekly bonuses. This is a highly enticing offer. You will receive products worth ₦44,500 and an automatic upgrade to silver
  6.  Q-SILVER: this package goes for ₦9,800. You will be given products worth that amount, amounting to 60PV. The products for this package include:
  • -        Toothpaste 6pcs
  • -        Soap 3pcs
  • -        Mosquitoes repellent 6pcs
  • -        Calcium
  • -        Hand cream 6pcs
  • -        2 mini packs panty liner
You can choose your products as you desire, to the amount you invest, nothing is mandatory. The monies are sent into the Longrich corporate account, and not to any individual. At the moment, you can start making money from this amazing network marketing company. It is not compulsory for you to pick any specific product, you will have to look through the price list to view the respective PV for each product, and sum them up to 60PV.
Also, you can join Longrich in Nigeria with ₦9,800. You earn ₦2000 for every new referral. You can begin with this plan and upgrade later. You are only expected to bring in 3 people when you join. This will be your team, who are then taught supported and encouraged to form their own teams and duplicate the process. The network is exciting and rewarding.
To sign up to Longrich, you need to provide; your full name, sex, state, phone number, email, date of birth, bank name, account holder’s name, account number, sponsorship, placement, and products selection. You will then log in to your Longrich portal after registration. To do this visit and key in your distributor code (set to 123 by default). You must then complete a captcha test on the website. Once this is done, your portal will open showing your name and distributor ID on the top of the page. Distributor codes begin with NG0, in capital letters, and the 0 is the arithmetic 0.