Longrich Products

Longrich manufactures high quality, innovative and unique products to suit people of different ages, demographic, and needs. They have over 2000 products in their inventory ranging from skin care series, personal care series, health instrument series, women care series, health food series, incense care series and so much more. All Longrich products have a point value (PV) attached to them. Buying multiple products will increase your PV and add to your reputation and rank.
Some of Longrich products include:
·        Superbklean anion sanitary napkins and panty liners which helps eliminate gynecological infections.
·        Mosquito repellent sprays: keeps mosquitoes at bay for up to 8hours, and does not cause oxidation.
·        Bamboo soaps: contain natural cleansing ingredients which moisturize, smoothen, and soothes the skin. It is ideal for oily and natural skin, and can kill viruses which cause herpes and flu.
·        Toothpaste: treats tooth pains, weak gums, tooth holes, bad breath, and tooth decay. It makes the mouth healthy and clean.
·        Antiperspirants: these prevents itching under the armpit, enabling passage of heat without any side effects. It is portable and easy to use.
·        Energy cup: helps the body to assimilate vital nutrients, thereby improving health conditions.
·        Sheep placenta SOD body cream: makes the skin supple, and protects against irritation. Makes the skin smooth and tender, and helps to improve damaged skin.
·        Herbal/moisturizing body wash: snake gall biological essence, prepared with liquorice moisturizing ingredient. They are foam rich, pure, fresh, and leaves a layer of moisturizing protective film on the skin.
·        Mouth fresheners: treat sore throat and nasal congestion, and can evaluate liver congestion defences.
·        Calcium tablets: contains three classes of micro nutrients compound which provide energy to the body. They also lower high blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke.
·        Nutria V. veg fruits instant drink: eliminates toxins in the body and effectively guards against diseases. It is ideal for ulcer patients and people with a weak immune system.
·        Decaffeinated Cordycep militaris coffee: is used in treating a variety of infection caused by bacteria. It also increases oxygen supply to the brain thereby improving mental ability, and frees the body of excess free radicals.
·        Classy energy pot: preserves food nutrients, and converts acidic foods into alkaline. Food cooked in these pots stay fresh for longer periods.
·        Male and female fertility supplement: can increase performance for men, as well as sperm count. For women, it solves hormonal changes in women caused by liver disease or oral contraceptives, also for arthralgia and hypertension.

Other products include:
·        Arthro super revive
·        Berry oil
·        Slimming tea
·        Grean tea
·        Sanitary napkin
·        Blood reducing fat (Tianjiang tea)
·        Panty liner
·        Hand cream
·        Cooking pots
·        Natural antibiotics
·        Immune system-boosting wine
·        And so many more!

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