Benefits of the LongRich Business

When you join Longrich, you enjoy a lot of amazing benefits and bonuses. Besides the bonuses paid weekly to your account, there are promos juicy offered the business provides. When you join and register 3 people, bonuses start running from the fifth week of your registration of at least two down lines. You earn a direct bonus from your generation outside your first, as a sponsor. The arrangement of the Longrich network ensures you earn down to the last generation of your team. This plan is really encouraging and rewarding. The benefits of Longrich over other MLM companies include:
  •  Maximum of 3 legs (Down-lines)
  • There is no compulsory monthly purchase or target
  • There is no time frame, and therefore no pressure
  • You can accumulate unlimited bonus points
  • You can easily achieve leadership at the Zenith level
  • There is no sales accumulation target
  • You earn weekly bonuses from team activity
  • Earn to the last generation
  • Single groups can also earn
  • Two groups can earn as much
  • The Longrich network promotes teamwork
  • Several rewards including houses, cars, international trips, when you meet certain criteria
  • You can purchase products of your choice.
Becoming a partner with Longrich, you get an alternative income stream, which qualifies you for weekly bonuses and global incentives. By joining Longrich, you qualify for the following:
  1.  A comfortable weekly income 
  2.  One percent share (1% share) of the company’s monthly sales as a VIP partner
  3.  Brand new car awarded twice yearly
  4.  $150 million house fund award at star directorate level
  5. Four  (4) year executive MBA programme at the prestigious REGIS University, Colorado USA.
  6.  Scholarship for a degree programme for you or a beneficiary of your choice a SOOCHOW University, China.
Longrich shares her profit with you and your beneficiaries, thereby enabling you to disseminate wealth out for your children, and theirs. Longrich is good and suitable for everyone. You can decide the amount you wish to earn weekly. Longrich credits you based on your hard work, and they don’t owe!
This is an opportunity to build an investment, or a chance for students to make money while still in school. Longrich is amazing. Click here to Join Now