Longrich Registration and How to join Longrich Online

The process of becoming a Longrich member or distributor is easy and free to join.
Step One (1)
Write down your Sponsor ID and Placement ID below:
Sponsor ID: GH01036659
Placement ID: NG05931915
Longrich Sponsor 
Please note that the above information is a requirement for you to join or place order.
Step two (2)
Step three (3)
At the top right, click on Join.
Select the items you wish to order to join as a member. Then click buy products
Step four (4)
Fill in the required details including your sponsor ID and placement ID.
Make sure you input the correct shipping address;
then check out.
Please note that there is no stockist system in the USA; therefore, all USA registrations and product purchases are made online as described above. The USA office sends products to all parts of America. To join Longrich in America, follow the steps above.
What next!
  • Expect your Longrich code and login details via email.
  • Expect your product delivery at your address.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee!
  Those that do not reside in America can write down the Sponsor ID and Placement ID, then go to their nearest Longrich distribution center or stockist to register and place order.
Start using the Longrich products, sell them, and tell others about them; Longrich will reward you for it.
 Benefits include:
  • Car Incentives
  • International Tours
  • A house incentive
  • Degree scholarship for up to four children
  • MBA Scholarship.
All you need to do to get those benefits is to encourage a maximum of three more persons to register with Longrich just like you and encourage them to encourage others to do the same.
International Longrich